Restaurant application development

Modern consumers are getting more and more demanding in every sector of business in this technological age, but especially in the food industry. This means that if you run a café or restaurant nowadays, you need to look for fresher ways to engage your customers. The mobile app is one of the cutting-edge marketing strategies that has been successfully used by BC businesses, and we can confidently say that it will help you promote your brand even further. When developed and advertised properly, mobile apps for restaurants will improve the interaction between patrons and business owners while simultaneously resolving other concerns pertaining to the food industry.

Why is it important to create an app for restaurants?

  • Restaurants are not an exception to the modern user's subconscious assumption that a modernized business should have better access to the customers utilizing applications, making them trustworthy.
  • You can increase the productivity of your staff and help them to save and spend their time more significantly.
  • The possibility to stay in touch with your guests and create personalized offers for them.
  • The chance to receive uncompensated advancement. Social media will spread the word about your services and accomplishments, and your customers will spread the word about your company to others of their own volition (of course, only if your service is really worth talking about and your restaurant app is worth using).
  • With a restaurant app, you'll always have the chance to get honest client feedback, keep an eye on your establishment's rating in real-time, and react promptly to issues.

What functionality should be implemented if you want to build a restaurant app?

  • Registration and Profile Creation
  • Online menu
  • Online ordering
  • Food customization
  • Offers and Discounts
  • Easy and secure payment options
  • Real-time food tracking
  • Realtime delivery tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Location-based service
  • Table Reservation System
  • Customer Support via Chatbots
  • Rating the Food
  • Food Order Scheduling
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Cart Maintain

How to decide on the most important features to build a restaurant app and make it profitable?

The restaurant app's primary features include the ability to examine the menu, accept orders, track deliveries, and use an online payment system. Most importantly, ordering through the restaurant application should be more convenient than any other method. The menu should be simple to read and for consumers to choose from.

However, there are a number of unique characteristics that rely on your restaurant's concept and should be taken into account. For instance,

  • If you run a fast food restaurant, your order form and menu should be as straightforward as feasible.
  • If you need to construct an app for a high-end restaurant, you might need to make a form for table reservations and give your customers access to the restaurant through the app.
  • Consider whether consumers might invite friends and share events with them if the focus is entertainment rather than food.

How do we develop an app for restaurants?

Building a restaurant app or creating any other kind of solution should always begin with thorough research. Due to the intense competition in this field, an internet marketing specialist first researches the market, the target market, and their expectations and needs before beginning work.

Phases of Developing Restaurant Applications

Product idea and business expertise.
People come to us to make their web resources, mobile restaurant application, or business process automation ideas a reality. We provide free commercial advice, counsel the customer, and complete the project's ideological component while taking user needs into consideration.
Project evaluation and proposal.
The development team evaluates the project team before sending a preliminary commercial proposal to the client for the creation of the restaurant application.
We move on to the prototyping step once we have a strong knowledge of what the users anticipate from the application. The user will be able to immediately comprehend how the restaurant application will help him solve his problem if the interface has been skillfully designed. You have the chance to examine the functionality of the upcoming application without the software component.
Product design.
We sketch out the overall layout and key elements of an application for restaurants. To design the application, we refer to Google and Apple's suggestions. We make sure the graphic solutions are simple to use and practical. You will ultimately receive a design that will make you stand out from the competitors.
Planning a Sprint.
An agreement with the customer on what development tasks that will be performed on the nearest sprint.
Backlog and development contract.
Discussing the specifics of the project during a meeting with the product hunter. Together with the client, the team creates the project's backlog. The contract for development with the customer is signed after the backlog has been approved.
Launch and Maintenance
Publish your app on the Play Market or App Store and maintain.

Requirements for our clients at the stage of the project estimate

  • Successful experience in developing projects for medium and large scale businesses.
  • Business expertise in the development of start-ups.
  • A team of 7 specialists when developing a restaurant application or a website for the food industry.
  • Uniqueness, no standard solutions.
  • Term - development from 3 months.
  • Transparent control system and flexibility in restaurant application development.